Sonakshi-Zaheer wedding: A harmony of sacred mantras and azaan, says friend

Sonakshi-Zaheer wedding: A harmony of sacred mantras and azaan, says friend

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Actor Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal’s wedding ceremony on June 23 at the former’s Mumbai home was an amalgamation of “holy mantras” with the sound of the azaan from the mosque. A friend of the couple shared a new video of the intimate wedding ceremony and reception, giving an insight into the details of the rituals that took place.

“Everything was so personal, just like old times,” entrepreneur and Sonakshi’s girlfriend Prachi Mishra Raghavendra wrote on Instagram while sharing a video of the wedding ceremony. She added, “The wedding began with a civil ceremony followed by the Hindu custom of Kanyadan (the bride’s parents handing over their daughter to the groom). This essential ceremony became even more sacred as the chanting of mantras divinely merged with the sound of the Azaan from the mosque.”

Mishra shared that Sonakshi and Zaheer were not affected by the negativity surrounding their wedding on social media. She added, “The media had its fair share of speculation but our blockbuster Jodi was unaffected by it and focused on ensuring all their guests felt at home.”

She concluded, “‘Love Conquers All’ is often only read and heard, but when I looked at you, I believed it too! We are grateful to have been a part of this. I wish you both a very happy and blissful life together. May God protect you both from Buri Nazar!”

In the video shared by Mishra, Sonakshi got emotional after completing the formalities of her civil marriage. Later, she left her hair loose at the wedding reception and danced to the beats of dhol. Sonakshi responded to Mishra’s post with red heart emojis.

After tying the knot, Sonakshi and Zaheer wrote on Instagram, “On this day, seven years ago (23.06.2017), we saw love in its purest form in each other’s eyes and decided to hold on to it. Today, that love has guided us through all the challenges and triumphsâ€æ leading to this momentâ€æ where with the blessings of both our families and both Gods… we are now husband and wife (sic).”

While Sonakshi’s parents attended the wedding ceremony, her brother Luv skipped it and recently shared the reason for it on social media. However, Kussh Sinha, Sonakshi’s other brother, made a brief appearance at the wedding ceremony.

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July 2, 2024

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