How Much Money Has Hailey Welch Made Since Going Viral on TikTok?

How Much Money Has Hailey Welch Made Since Going Viral on TikTok?

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Tthe sentence ‘Hawk Tuah‘ seems to have dominated the internet this past week and it’s fair to say the star of the show, Hailey Welchtakes advantage of her fame while it lasts.

Her viral moment began with a street interview by YouTuber duo Tim and Dee TV, with her quirky and explicit responses quickly racking up millions of views.

Hawk Tuah Girl Grabs Mic At Zach Bryan Concert – VIDEO

In a recent episode of the podcast “Plan Bri Uncut”, hosted by Bryan’s girlfriend Brianna LapagliaWelch spoke candidly about the meteoric changes in her life since her video went viral. She addressed common misconceptions and clarified that she is neither a teacher nor a preacher’s daughter. In reality, Welch works in a feather factory in her hometown Belfast, Tennessee.

The unexpected popularity of the video took Welch by surprise. “It was huge,” she recalls. “I thought it was just a funny moment, but then the views just kept skyrocketing. I couldn’t believe it.”

Welch’s family has embraced the humor in her newfound fame. “They think it’s hilarious,” she said. “They know how unpredictable I am. This time it just happened to be on camera.”

How much money did she earn?

Welch quickly struck a deal with a local clothing store called Fathead Threads and through them she sells brand name clothing.

It is not yet clear what her net value or what percentage she gets from the sales of that merchandise, but Distractify claims she had already sold at least $65,000 worth of hats by June 26.

And that’s without even mentioning her T-shirt sales and fast-selling $50 signed hats with leather patches.

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