PJ Harvey made a surprise appearance in his hometown ahead of Glastonbury 2024 set

PJ Harvey made a surprise appearance in his hometown ahead of Glastonbury 2024 set

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It has been revealed that PJ Harvey has performed a secret surprise gig in her hometown ahead of her Glastonbury 2024 appearance.

On Thursday (June 27), the musician surprised residents of Bridport, Dorset – the town where she grew up and now lives – with a show at Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens on the Jurassic Coast.

The gig was a warm-up to her Glastonbury set and was kept secret, except for notices in Bridport town centre. The only way to get a ticket was to turn up in person and purchase one from Bridport Arts Centre or Bridport Tourist Information Centre.

The following day (June 28), Harvey took to the Pyramid Stage at the annual Worthy Farm music festival and opened her performance by enlisting performer Marina Abramović to give a speech to the crowd, after which she encouraged them to observe seven minutes of silence.

The artist asked the audience to place a hand on their neighbor and join in the silence – which was initiated by Emily Eavis ringing a gong. Abramović then opened her arms to reveal a dress in the shape of a giant peace gesture.

Writing about Harvey’s performance for NME‘s Glastonbury 2024 liveblog, journalist Jordan Bassett wrote: “The show opened with an artistic video that, among other bizarre images, included a clip of a man aiming a bow and arrow at a woman who was complicit in the act – and it was to get even more artistic. As the Pyramid Stage crowd expected PJ Harvey to appear for her early evening set, conceptual and performance artist Marina Abramović arrived instead to lead a seven-minute silence, a moment of peace amid the ‘violence’ and ‘murder’ in the world.

He continued: “It was a truly moving event (not least because of the number of Palestinian flags clustered at the front of the crowd) and the sense of subdued reverence that carried over to Harvey’s set. The haunting keys of ‘Let England Shake’ and the experimental cacophony of ‘The Glorious Land’ seemed to take on a new delicacy in this context. But Harvey, ever erratic, soon veered off into the grindhouse grunge of ’50ft Queenie’ and the treacherous storm of ‘Black Hearted Love’.

“When the set then dipped a little with the subdued ‘To Bring You My Love’, it was as if it had returned to the eerie silence from which it had come. This was a meditative show in an era that is often anything but that.”

Earlier this summer, Harvey paid tribute to the late music producer Steve Albini, who produced her second studio LP, 1993’s ‘Rid Of Me’, during her performance at Primavera Sound 2024.

During her performance in Barcelona, ​​she said: “I’d like to sing this next song in memory of Steve Albini. Steve should have been here for this festival, and it would be nice if you all thought of him.” Harvey then sang ‘The Desperate Kingdom Of Love’ from 2004’s ‘Uh Huh Her’.

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